I keep getting asked ‘Why you dance girl?’ and ‘What got you started?’ Simple! When I was a little biddy girl living with my sweet mommy I saw a real old video of UK Comic Kenny Everett and his regular dance troupe ‘Hot Gossip’. I’m telling ya I was hooked and knew there and then that’s what I wanted to be. All those high heels, sexy Lycra and lace OMG!

Hot Gossip - My 70's Disco Dance Heros

Thinks have changed! Music, dance and fashion. Many of you might think that their dancing is not that hot nowadays but way back then it must have been something else. Anyhow… look at the technique guys… the technique, not just the girls bodies. Awesome!

And if you ever see me perform in NY look very closely and you may recognise a few HG moves.

In the meantime check out their theme tune dance Cerrone’s Supernature – Pure 70’s Disco in this link

Cerrone’s Supernature performed by Hot Gossip


Boy, did I have a sexy Easter. I didn’t get much chocolate but what I did get made up for it.

A few days ago I met up with a girlfriend and we went to this new wine store lwr east side. While shopping for something new a guy hit on me. I gave him my cell number and he rang.

He offered to come round and give me an Easter gift. I assumed it was chocolate but when I saw his measly egg I was rather disappointed. It turned out the egg was just the appetizer as the main gift, was fittingly, some wine from the aforementioned shop. Now remember this guy is a wine connoisseur and the white wine he produced a vintage classic. I was therefore desperate to take a sip but first he suggested something refreshingly different.

I mention this in staged detail as it really is worth trying – you’ve gotta trust me on this!
He oddly asked me if I was wearing cotton panties but instead of divulging what I had on I told him to find out himself. He ignored my request and instead uncorked the wine and poured two glasses. Then he stripped me and made me stand before him while he knelt down in front of me.
This was exciting enough but then he pulled the waistline of my cotton panties forward, and poured a small amount of (expensive) wine into them. The feeling was incredible but when he released the waistline and let the wine soak my crotch and pussy… well!

Let me tell you… I was in heaven and as he placed his mouth against my crotch and sucked the wine through the fabric and his mouth I almost past out. It was extremely erotic and I couldn’t help press my hips against his face.

He did this about three or four times, then set down the bottle of wine, gathered the crotch of my panties together in one hand and positioned his open mouth underneath and squeeze hard. He wrung out a small trickle of wine onto his tongue then pulled them to one side and pleasured me orally.

Happy Easter I say! Needless to say this lady completely forgot about her glass of wine until after I had exploded in a delicious orgasm. Then, not wanting to offend, I helped him finish the bottle.

The wine – in my opinion wasn’t as special as he made out but I can only assume it tasted better when drunk through the cotton of my panties and was tainted with my own sweet perfume. What do you think :O)) The big question on my lips is whether it would be better with white, rose or red. Perhaps I should ask the guys at the wine store who are always extraordinarily helpful. Any suggestions?

Semen vs. Cumming

Good buddy Zach took me out in Manhattan and drove past, what must be the best named streets ever. No jokes but for those of you who don’t know Manhattan well… this street corner is for sure. I ask you? What where the city planners thinking when they named these two and so close together? What shmucks!

Still who wouldn’t like to have an address like that? It would sure break the ice when asked for the whereabouts of my apartment (not that I give it out regularly, don’t you know)

I guess there’s some deep historical crap attcahed to the bizarre naming but nevertheless it beats the hell out of my dull address.

And yet I can’t decide if I’d prefer to be a Seaman or a Cumming girl.

Actually, trash that, I really should write these blogs in draft rather than on the fly. I do have a preference and so does Zach I’m sure. Any clue? No million dollar prize given to those who  guess correctly. :O))

OMG! Big respect to Antony Gormley, that cute eccentric English Sculpture artist, for plastering Manhattan with his crazy body form sculptures in so much detail. Ya know me, I’m always up for some exhibitionism. But are all English guys built that way? Wots up! is it a girth, length or skill thing? Is Mr Gormley particularly proud of his gentleman’s bits? – I’m not sure why.

No wide angle required!

I guess, like an NY air head, I may be missing some real intelligent arty thing in there interpretation. But call me a dumb ass but I just see guys with cocks. No bad thing, but I would have preferred the real thing. :O)))

Perhaps I should approach Antony Gormley and offer my own body for him to model. Yeah I kinda like the idea of 31 life size models of yours truly dotted around New York. It may even improve my date rate. I could have my cell number stamped on my breast or something. What ya think? Though on the downside (no pun intended) I’m alarmed that us New Yorkers are mistaking Antony G’s sculptures as possible suicide jumpers. Get a grip!

His Event Horizon outdoor exhibition of 31 sculptures is appearing care of Madison Square Park Art Conservancy March 26 2010 – August 15 2010 Broadway and 26th street NYC.

I seriously recommend you check them out. May get Zac or Rumpy to give me a tour!

Where are they? See this link http://eventhorizonnewyork.org/map/

Read my Ass!

I met this guy (I’ll call him Rumpy) as I neared the end of a routine at my club the other night who seemed unusually interested in my ass. As you can guess I hear all kinds of unoriginal chat-up lines from guys that just wanna get in my knickers but his was a first.

He called himself a Rumpologist and he read butts which apparently involved looking at the lines, crevices and folds of a girl’s buttocks in much the same way that a chirologist would read the palm of the hand.

Like most girls, despite what I’m  frequently told, I ain’t a great fan of my ass and kinda wish it was, shall we say, smaller.

According to Rumpy I had the perfect butt as a round peachy ass indicates a girl is open, happy and optimistic in life. However, a flat butt suggests shes rather vain, negative and sad.

Now I know he had a hidden agenda but I was sufficiently taken by his looks to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was after all kinda cute and even in the darkness I could tell he was pretty optimistic himself.

We exchanged cell numbers and I await to hear if he calls and gives me a thorough butt examination. In the meantime can anyone give me some advice. What panties, if any, should I wear and how far should I allow him to probe on my first date?